Print sheets based on schedule data

Hi all,

I’m trying to print a bunch of sheets based on scheduledata since the sheet from schedule node changes the
order of my sheets, so they are not at the right position when printed to pdf.

But somehow I cannot get the right sheets to get selected. When using the filter it messes up the order and also selects sheets that have a different sheet number in the first place…

When I use the same method of the Equal node and the filter based on my papersize label and printsettings in the project it works fine…Does the Equal node only works with labels and family’s and not with a string input or something like that?

Thanks in advance!

Look at your list structures. The Equals node returns booleans based on ObjectB’s structure, but you’re filtering the ObjectA list. That’s why things are off. Switch ObjectA and ObjectB and you should be good.

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I thought it didn’t matter what you put in A or B but it’s working now! thanks!

It’s the same function with all the same information just formatted a different way. So it depends on what you’re booleans are for.