Print Setup Checkboxes boolean controlled via Dynamo Graph?


Is it possible to control Print Setup Checkboxes via boolean switches in a Dynamo Graph?(see highlighted screenshot

It would be great to add this feature to this Dynamo Player Graph
Override All Interior Elevation Crop Boundary Lineweights 2018.11.15.dyn (62.6 KB)

They are available in the API so, yes, you should be able to configure them somehow. You’ll probably have to look more into the PrintSetting class and how you actually commit those changes before printing.


I have coded some nodes for printing, however, not those you ask for, but if you think this is needed, then please add it as an issue at my github and I will put it on my todo list…

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check lates release of Orchid

I have included four new nodes supporting “print options” in the latest release

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Thanks. I’ll check it out.