Print setting custom node, Python error "Expected Iprintsettings got stackvalue"

Hello all, I am trying to get a script working for me to batch plot multiple sheet sizes at once,
I am running in to some trouble at the end…

Below a screenshot of the error i am given, the custom node for print settings and line 68 of the python script.

It seems like the custom node i copied from someone else does not do what its supposed to do…

Also i added the script im trying to get working and the custom node…
Custom node:
The script:
Automated PDF & Renaming (Multiple Sheet Sizes - TitleBlock - Resi)-Trial- EDITED.dyn (53.3 KB)

It is a type error. What connect you as PrintSetting? String value ? You should choose PrintSetting from Dropdown menu.

Where exactly do i have a dropdown menu?

This is the full connection:

Okay you use a custom node that generates PrintSettings. Can you show me the output of PrintSettings node? Are there objects there? If yes, try to connect directly to the Flatten node. No need that list with 9 items.

It seems like the custom node isnt doing anything

I tried looking inside the custom node but i cant seem to find the problem…
I have no idea why there is no output