Print set from Sheet tree

Hello Dynamo Community,

I was recently asked if it was possible to print all sheets under a specified sheet tree. For example, in the attached photo, I would like to allow the user to select, " Current Package" and then allow them to select the next level, “Gene” and print everything under that.

let me know if this is possible or not. I was able to filter the sheets down under “Current package” but cannot figure out how to then sort the list down to just the sheets under, “Gene”

Thank you!


Look into creating a sheet set from parameters. May also be doable by selecting them first and then acquiring the active selection in Dynamo.

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As Jacob says… Your 1-Gene is just a parameter you use for ordering your sheets. You can pull every sheet with that parameter value (maybe you need to filter by the other parameter which is current package)

My batch plot does something similar, perhaps this kind of thing would work for you…



@Mark.Ackerley Thank you! Worked like a charm.