Print multiple PDFs with different Title blocks


Hi all,

I’m trying to print drawings to PDF with different kind of paper sizes within one file.

I’m having difficulties matching the print settings with the right title block, even though their names are the same.

How can I match them? I tried looking for the Id to Element node but I couldn’t find it anywhere.
The Element.By ID node isn’t working either…

I would really appreciate the help!



got it


If you solved your problem please post how you solved it for others to learn from


Now I only need to get the print to PDF node to work…


You might have illegal characters in your file names? Or you might want to try using “DirectoryPath” node instead of “FilePath” node


I got it to work.

Needed to change the PDF node lacing to Longest.
And I needed to create different File paths, since I was trying to plot different sizes to 1 PDF file and I read it’s not possible yet…