Primer text needs an edit?

I think this text:

Browse the Library by clicking through the menus. Click the Geometry > Circle. Note the new portion of the menu that is revealed and specifically the Create and Query Labels.
In the primer 2.2, needs to be edited given the new interface in 0.9. Instead of "labels" the updated graphic in the primer below that text that calls them subcategories. It also might not really be that useful to try to draw a new user's attention to those subtle icons. I suggest just changing the second sentence to: "Note the new portion of the menu that is revealed."

Oh, and I just noted this mistake in the graphic:

Here is another set of edits needed in 2.4 (note the link still indicates 2-6.)

And still in section 2.4…

More in section 2.4.

Final bit in section 2.4.

I so lied.

I don’t think the primer discusses how to disconnect nodes up to this point. So you may want to add the following.

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