Prevent list auto sort?

As we know, when we select element and view Id of them. These IDs don’t depend on which elements selected first, they sort by element which be made first.

For example: when i make a Selement variables, and append elements by PickObjects method : i pick element A first and then B, and Selelement will store ID of element B then ID of element A (because element B be made first and then element A be made)

So it’s very dificult to me for make somthing with list task and another my purpose. So how can i prevent this ??? Thanks for reading !!

Hi Hien,

Can you put your graph here so it will be clear what your trying to get. Are you looking to sort your elements by there ID.

No, i want use list in API, i don’t know why when i make Selection by user in UI user. for example : i use Pickobject() method from API for user to select elements, and i want to append element to list by there order : element A be made 1st, element B be made 2nd, so when i pick element B and then element A, i expect list (element B, elelemt A ), but API always return 1st element and then 2nd element, so how can i prevent list auto sort in API ???

Still need help !!!