Possible to extract materials of subcategories of caseworks?

I would like to extract all the materials used in a casework family or in-place family, and then sort those materials by their subcategories i.e. Doors, Countertop, etc
Is this possible with Dynamo?

To clear up my question: Any way to extract the material together with its subcategory from caseworks?

Do some (re)searching, give it a try, share what you came up with as a solution, ask a question if something you’ve tried doesn’t work. Make it easier for people to help you.

Hi Bjorn,

Appreciate your tip.

Below is my attempt below. Unfortunately I got stuck half way.

Just bumping this question to see if anyone has suggestions

This is one of those things that is simpler without a bunch of programming. You just need to build the family smarter. There are two ways to go. Add more shared parameters that extract the information you want with a simple schedule. Or use nested shared families. The second would be my approach as I could extract things such as End Panels, Back Panels, draawer front, doors, etc., and even show them in a legend view.

You can extract the info programmatically, but if what your showing is as far as you’ve gotten - then it will be a long haul in Dynamo, VB, Python or C#. You’ll have to dive deep into the geometry of each family and pull it apart bit by it to find the information you’re after. Explore your objects using RevitLookup to see how you might get at the various geometry that makes up the family. It will take more than just a Dynamo graph of OTB nodes.