Possible Business Idea

Hi guys just a thought, is there any site right now where i could buy nodes? lets say i need a node that do something and is not on any package right now. would it be possible to create a site where people could make this kind of transaction?

if so what would be the price range?

for example right know im looking for a node to convert BondingBox intersections to openings or something like that

I am new to Dynamo, but a good business model to look at might be wordpress.org It is an opensource web platform where many people can submit free plugins in addition to having separate websites where they sell more robust versions. Another website that comes to mind is turbosquid.com where community members can submit digital items to sell. It wouldn’t take much to get a basic site going. Something simple and inexpensive at first, since it might not be in high demand until the Dynamo user base grows.



Nice! Their website is even built using wordpress.

Yeah i have been following the monkeys since day one.

but what i was thinking is more of an "on demand " node mini market place. think of it like a forum where i can put a request for a node that dont exist: lest call it “Opening by BoundingBox” or whatever, other people that need that node and are willing to pay some money for it could back the node. So if there are, lets say 10 pps backing and each could put 10 buck for the node some one could take the job and give the node to those people and get paid 100 for it. anyway something like that.

I think that would sorta go away from what the Dynamo-community is all about, wouldn’t it?
If you need help, and you can show that you have laid down an effort, I think that you will get help here on the forum. And excellent help, that is! I think a large part of what makes dynamo great is the fact that the community is awesome. On a side note I think that it shows that inner motivation trumps outer motivation (like money) any day.
If someone comes up with a solution that is good, more often than not, someone will make a custom node of it for free. You came up with the idea, somebody solved it, everybody benefits. Next time someone else comes up with an idea, you solve it, everybody benefits etc.
If you don’t want to make an effort yourself and just buy nodes or consulting as a service give the badmonkeys or somebody else in your area a call and you can pay for their expertise.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

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You are almost totally right ! i share your idea on that one. but there is a side escenario, think about the percentage of people that can use dynamo vs the percentage of people that can actually make code blocks (which require actual coding which is a bit harder to learn). over time as more AEC people learn dynamo that breach may get bigger.

Over all i thinking that it may help to incentive more people to develop more nodes(developed nodes could be public after all) and as you put it everybody benefits.

Maybe one idea is to set up a system by where if you like the node that was made for you, you could pay what you think is fair. If the person that made the node thinks you paid too little, then he / she would give less priority to your request next time. If they feel its fair they would be incentivized to work on your problem before working on others.

In my opinion as more people learn Dynamo there will be less incentive to give free help because the ecosystem will be such that firms will recognize Dynamo skills as a billable. Right now its kind of a fringe tool that could be used to speed some tasks along, but as we get more serious in our implementations the industry will have to develop a more formal compensation scheme.

Yeah i support David view about the future ecosystem!.
Actually i been thinking about it a little further and a mid point will be to add a site on the forum, lets call it “THE TOP TEN WANTED NODES” where people that already belong to the community could vote and propose ideas on which nodes take priority and need to be developed. this idea would be way better if the forum had the Reddit equivalent of “Gold” or similar, in which you could put gold (5, 10 or whatever dollars ) in the node of interest, this will accumulate and the person that develop the node and put it out there will get all the gold associated with that “bounty”.

You want KickStarter for AEC where more than one person can support a need for a given workflow/node by contributing a partial monetary value of what it would cost to develop it. I have been kicking that idea around with Bad Monkeys for a little bit but haven’t gotten serious about setting it up.

Yes, I agree that you can get enough help here for free that you wouldn’t want to pay for a single node, at the same time I can also understand that there is need for larger workflows sometimes and for those to be delivered within some time constraint where idea like that would make perfect sense.

I don’t know, I think its viable, but I am hesitant to say if I nor anyone else will put their head down and get this done.

Either way, good luck!

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La primera idea me parece buena, la segunda mala.

Lo que hace diferente esta comunidad es que no tiene nada que ver con el dinero ni las ganancias personales.