Populating polygons on a Surface using replication (Kind of urgent)


Hi, I am trying to use replication to populate points on a surface.


I pass on a series to a “Surface.PointAtParameter” node, and set Lacing to “Cross Product”. Naturally I get a list of lists of points.











Now, if I feed this output to a “Polygon.ByPoints” node, I get a series of zero-area polygons, that because they created for each list of points that are nested in the overall list.

My question is:

Is there a way to make it pick every four points to make quads? I know how to do this in Python, but I am trying to achieve this without Scripting–only using Nodes and replication.

Thanks for any feedback in advance.

So, you are trying to take a grid of points and find quad groupings?
Take a look at this node on the package manager: Quads from Rectangular Grid.
it's just a custom node that I made out of regular nodes, so there is no "scripting" involved (or only node based scripting, if that helps)
2015-09-15_1814_001 2015-09-15_1814


File: quads-nodes.dyn




Slight improvement on what I’d posted earlier

File: quads-nodes,dyn


And a Design Script version of the same

File: quads-DS.dyn


How can Dynamo be backward compatible with Dynamo