Polysurface.ByLoftGuides doesn't recognise guides


I seem to be having a modelling problem. I want to loft 2 or more NURBS curves along 4 guides. The guides are driving 4 corners of a nonregular quad in which the NURBS is inscribed by Control Points (the control points are driven by the sides of the quad). See layout sketch.















When I loft the NURBS cruves along the 4 guides, I don’t get a yellow warning. It is however clear that Dynamo doesn’t uses the guides and just performs a regular loft between the profiles. See image. (guidecurves are displayed lightblue)


















When I replace the NURBS profiles with the much simpeler quad profiles the Loft operation succeeds. See image.


















Can anyone point me to a workflow where I would be able to loft the NURBS curves along the guides?



Hi Paulus,

I suspect that this is a bug. How about the following work-around?


You might need to make sure that the guide curves are facing the same way. “Curve.Reverse” could help with that.


Thanks for your reply.

I posted a new post explaining this bug and an example file over here: http://dynamobim.com/forums/topic/polysurface-byloftguides-bug/

I need to have more control points (not only on the guides) to control the shape of each profile. The control points on the guides are connected with a straight line. 3 More control points are then added along this line. Those 3 control points aren’t on a guide.