Polygon.offset Error -- custom node defination is not loaded

Hello Everyone ,
I am trying to understand the file named Hexagonal pattern.dyn shown in Alias | Dynamo Computational Design webinar .

In this file there is a node called Polygon.offset shows Error – custom node defination is not loaded and the node turns red.
Could someone help in fixing this problem.

Hi @siddhardha.mjm

This error means that you do not have a Custom Package installed.
I do not know which Custom Package this is, but maybe try looking in the description of the Webinar :slight_smile:

Hello Daan,
In the webinar description nothing has been mentioned.

@Andrzej_Samsonowicz can you comment on this?

Hi @siddhardha.mjm
Do you have access to Alias 2021.2?
We attached some Dynamo/-Player example files that can be executed through the what is new shelf.
There is a Hex pattern. The result is quite similar to the example shown in the video.
If this does not solve your request can you make sure that all your plugins are on the latest update?

Best regards

Hello Kai-Timo,
As of now i am using 2021.1 . I have to get this updated .It may take a while .I have seen the Autodesk alias video of the hexagonal grill. I will take a look at it when i have it.It is slightly different then what i am looking for.
Thank you.

Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Hello JacobSmall,

The polygon.offset node turns red and the error message is custom node defination is not loaded .