PointCode "Hinge" from FeatureLine, does it work properly?


I am modelating a corridor in Dynamo for Civil3D and I found this problem:

My corridor has two baselines, each share the same assembly.
I am using the CorridorFeatureLine.CoordinateSystemByStation for every “Hinge” PointCode.

At Baseline1 it detects well all Hinge Points (fill and cut sections)

however, at Baseline2 it doesn’t recognize the Hinge Points in the cut sections. It gives a null value.

Does anyone know what is actually happening here? I let uploaded the files

Many thanks :slight_smile:

File Links (.dwg + .dyn):https://we.tl/t-dUsrrJ91Jt

If you get the polycurve for the feature line with the “Hinge” code, you will see that it does not extend the full length of the baseline, so the coordinate systems in the cut region do not exist. I think this is likely because of the BasicSideSlopeCutDitch subassembly that you are using. I don’t think the “Hinge” code is used in both cut and fill conditions. Read more here:

You will probably have more luck using the “ETW” code to get that feature line since it is always present in the lane subassembly.


That might be it. ETW seems much more solid to work with.
Thank you very much. Appreciate it!

I’ve been working a bit further and I keep noticing errors.
With the AutoCAD Subassebmly Reference, i am trying different assemblies and testing if Dynamo executes well the featureline for each PointCode.

Sadly, it does not work in most cases. “ETW_Base” for example does not run, meanwhile “ETW” keeps working well.

Is this a common error in Dynamo?

In addition, I found that “Hinge” could work in cut condition as it wouldbe the P1 of the Subassembly. It has worked for me in the Picture nº1 of the post.

Are you using a different subassembly for this test? “ETW_Base” will not work for the BasicLane subassembly that you have in your drawing because that code does not exist. “ETW_SubBase” would be the correct one to use.

The Section Editor would be useful here, that way you can see which codes are used at each section. It’s true that P1 is always at the attachment point (at the ETW in your case), but the “Hinge” code is not always applied to P1. You’ll see in the Section Editor that it is used in fill conditions, but not in cut conditions.

In fill condition:

In cut condition:

This is interesting to me - I’m not sure why it is working here. For some reason Dynamo is able to create a coordinate system for the “Hinge” code in the cut condition, although in Civil 3D the feature line does not exist. @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 do you know why this is happening?

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Yes, i’ve made tests in other c3d projects (other assemblies with different PointCodes) and I found problems but don’t understand why. Actually, your tips have worked really well in my case scenario. Thank you very much!