Point progression following a path (Fibonacci)

Hi there!
I am pretty stuck on this relatively simple matter. What I have is this path formed by these points but they are spaced equally. How do I do this but with each distance increasing slightly ( like a fibonacci sequence) following the same path ?

@h.hristov31 The points are in your graph not spaced equally, the distances are already increasing slightly :slight_smile:
The graph below extends yours a bit to show the distance between successive points…

Ah… I see… But I was going for a mote controlled increase. I did manage to figure it out by defining the curve and placing a new set of fibonacci points along it. However I did fail to realize my initial idea, which was to create two sets of Fibonacci points following different nurbs curves, create a grid and panel it. I did actually but the Spacing of the points did not work well with the quadpanel node I used hahaha. Thank you nevertheless for pointing out the slight increase @Vikram_Subbaiah I didn’t even think about that