Point List Rotation

I’m trying to create a script to autonumbering the beams. For the moment, I managed to do it from left to right (from the smallest value of the x to the largest).

However, I would like to change the angle of the X axis. I would like that the reading order of the points was taken in oder angle. (sorry for my english).

Thank you.


Try to query both coordinates (X and Y), and compute a combination between both to have the desired axis.

For instance, computing pts.X+pts.Y (where pts is the list of points you have) will give you the “coordinate” along the first bisectrix.


Thank you for helping!
I’m sorry but I didn’t understand well. Do I need to use a specific node?

In your screenshot, you are sorting your points by using the Point.X node. You should change that node so you can sort them by a linear combination of Point.X and Point.Y.

By changing that node by the right linear combination, you should get the sorting you want.


Example :

You want to sort a list of points that are aligned on the first bisectrix.

  1. Get the first bisectrix equation ( obvisouly, y=x )
  2. Invert the sign of the coefficient of either ‘y’ or ‘x’ ( y=x –> 1 y = -1 x)
  3. Invert the coefficients ( 1 y = - 1 x –> - 1 y = 1 x )
  4. Get the two variables to the same side of the equation ( 1 x + 1 y = 0 )

What you get at the left of the final equation is the linear combination you need (i.e. you want to replace pt.X by 1 pt.X + 1 pt.Y).

If you wanted to sort a list of points aligned on a line whose equation is : a x = b y , you’ll need to compute --> b pt.X + a pt.Y

Example 2 :

The equation of the X axis is : y = 0, i.e. 1 y = 0 x. Thus, the combination you should use : 1 pt.X + 0 pt.Y. This combination is strictly the same as : pt.X (linear combination that you are currently using).

Thank you very much.
I think I understood more or less. If I would a desired angle of 41.9° I’ll need to compute.

1 pt.X - 0.897 pt.Y

I think it should be : 1 pt.X + 0.897 pt.Y.

Yes. I don’t know but it works for me like that.

Thanks a lot.

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Glad I helped !