Point in List



When I query a Point List for a Point (p in pl) it works OK unless the looked point is (0,0,0).

Am I missing something? Thanks…


DS Same result with the Code Block

That looks a lot like a bug. The built-in “Contains” command works however:


Thanks Dimitar.

Is it possible to call that built-in Contains from Python?

You can but it won’t do you much good because it gets borked up as well once implemented in Python … :smiley:


At that point I iterated through the list and it seems that the culprit is a point with coordinates 2,2,0 … weird.


I ran the list to 100k and it seems the only culprit is still 2,2,0. Dynamo crashes after 100k for me. This is an extremely peculiar bug :slight_smile:

Wow! Great Investigation Dimitar! Very strange indeed. First I’ve thought It was because of some floating point black magic :slight_smile:

I’ve created a new issue about this.