Placing Families using coordinates

Hello , I’m trying to add electrical disconnect families in the same location of the mech equipment , but I’m facing problem that all the z axis values are zero although the values exported from the mech equipment are correct with specific values not zero

Hello …could you please zoom in the image, cant see whats goin here…

Hello Sovitek,
Thanks for your reply and sorry for the unclear pictures.


No worries :wink:

if you can see above Z Values that brought from the mechanical equipment location are correct and have specific values , but when i insert my families using the same coordinates , it came with zero values for the Z

Not sure but could it help you to use just point X,Y,Z instead of reference point ?

i will try it but the strange that x&y came with correct values as mentioned below

Hi fahd
First of all - Is your element not in the right coordinates ? I would look at getting the element you placed by looking at FamilyInstance.Location rather then Element.GetLocation
If that is not the issue - check the Mechenical Element location in the same way , could there be a location and a base offset or something like that ?
Also look at placing FamilyInstance ByPointa\AndLevel
Hope this helps


Does your disconnect switch require a host?

Yes Jacob , that’s may be the problem, i will try other family and see what is the result

Jacob, Thanks for you intention to help, i changed the family to generic one and it worked very good exactly at the same location of the mechanical equipment as indicated with red color.

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