Placing cable tray support

Hello everyone!!! I am trying to placing wall support for cable trays but as you can see from the image attached, there is a wall on which the supports aren’t placed perpendicular to the inner part of the wall. Could you help me figuring out, how to place families oriented always perpedincular to the inner face of the wall.

I’m assuming you are using the cable tray curve to place the support. You will also need to get the wall, it’s orientation and work with vectors to give a direction to each support

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As you can se the vector of the points is orientend in the right direction, but a struggle to place the families in the same direction. You can see in the picture above the three family instances are placed 180 degrees.

Is there a node that creates a family with only a point and reference direction?

Why not use a line based family here?

There is no ‘place with rotation’ node but you can place the family and then set the rotation with a FamilyInstance.SetRotation node.

Hey Jacob, i have tried to place the families and rotate them after ( you can see that in the first picture, the last group, in the introduction), but the result is that there are some instances that are not rotated in the right direction

Likely an issue with how the rotation was calculated - can you post the rvt and dyn?

Placing cable trays support.dyn (82.6 KB)
I can not post the rvt models because they are bigger than the maximum size capable to be uploaded.

Purge them down to size or use a 3rd party file transfer (BIM 360, we transfer, box, Dropbox, onedrive, google drive, etc.).

Hey Jacob!
I am sorry for a late reply. I am posting a the link with the files; it’s an arch and el model and the dynamo file.

Hi can you share dyanmo script for cable tray support and it’s relevant file to me via DM? I am student i need it for my project please help me thanks in advance

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Yes sure thank you sir

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