Placement of Arrows (family) facing towards filled region


I need help in correcting a script

This automatically placing fire symbol to the Doors intersecting with filled region. But the script is placing it in one direction. I want it as marked in red (all arrow direction toward the filled region)

Could you capture your scrypt?

They are all rotating the same direction because you are rotating them all by 90. you will need to get the rotation of the each door.

FamilyInstance.FacingOrientation** should feed into Vector.AngleAboutAxis (use _Vector.Zaxis for rotation Axis).

** you will need to figure out a way to determine if the door is facing the filed region or not and then use Vector.Reverse.

Give it a shot and report back.

Hi Steven,
Thanks for your reply. Is there any way to point the arrows towards filled region because the filled region is fire escape route and door may open either side but the arrow should be pointing towards filled region.

You can place a point 1 foot out from the door and check to see if it lands on the filed region (a little more complex than that)

Give it a shot and let us see your attempt. Then we can provide more feed back.