Placement element along a line with calculated step

Hello everyone,
I want to make the script is placing an element along a selected line. Step of placement depends of size (type parameter) of selected family.
I’ve created a script how I understand the problem, but faced with another issue.

If length of line is not dividing with element length as an integer, the gap between elements is appeared. I understand that I should find an floored integer of elements and place them one after another, but don’t know how to realize it in Dynamo.
My script in attached. The families I am trying to place are just parallelogram with different sizes.
Thank you in advance.
Place along line with calculated step.dyn (43.9 KB)

Maybe this helps? :slight_smile:


Thank you for your attention to my question.
Guess I didn’t describe my question properly. I want to place element side by side and step will depends of size (length in this case) of the element.

Script I’ve made are working only with intergers. If LineLenght/ElementLength will not integer initially rounding will create a gap (positive or negative) between elements.

So I want to find way how to avoid this. Maybe I chose wrong method.

You can find updated script in attached.
Place along line with calculated step.dyn (43.7 KB)

continuing from @Mark.Ackerley , what you need @denisyukj is Curve.PointAtSegmentLength node:

Check out this video to understand the difference between the 2 nodes:

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Sorry, I’m still not quite understanding :frowning:

Would you mind trying to explain what doesn’t work here? :slight_smile:




It works perfect, but I didn’t know about Curve.PointAtSegmentLength node :laughing:

Thank you very much!