Placed family relocates to non calculated insertion point

I faced with strange behaviour of family while placing by using FamilyInstance.ByPointAndLevel / FamilyInstance.ByPoint nodes. Once insert point is calculated family is placed at completely different place. I tried to use SetLocation node and sometimes it works fine, but sometimes not.
Do someone face with same problem and why is this happening?

Calculated Z offset
Real Z offset

@denisyukj ,

What do you intersect? What are you placing?

I make a frame from Mechanical level-based families.

@denisyukj ,

z value is the half of 10320… hmmmm :confused:

the instances placed on interesection points? the interesections happen by lines? or Geometry?

No, its just math calculated points started from 0.
There are no any help lines.

@denisyukj ,

Thank you, @Draxl_Andreas, but I need some clarification from you :slight_smile:

@denisyukj ,

i just intesected 2 walls, and got lines. i took the endpoints to place a familiy…

what do you do ( i mean when you do it manualy )

Is your real Z offset measuring from the internal origin, or another base point?

I didn’t switch base points and moreover, other elements placed in calculated points.

What are you measuring that height from?

Best to post a dataset showing a simple reproducible case, otherwise we can only speculate. If need be open a detached copy, delete everything a the model except a few datum elements and if needed something to host to, purge everything but one family which hosts like your problematic families, and post that RVT and the DYN which is creating the issue.