Place multiple Instance on project's coordinates system

Good morning everybody!
I need your help!
I’m trying to place family instances on a grid of points.
I can create the points in the generic plane (z=0) with the step I want within the points; but I’m not able to transfer this grid on the location I want in the project (by level and coordinate system).
Does anybody have an idea to help me?

Thank you


You mean something like the image below? You can get the height of a certain level and convert it to a Z value.

Actually my problem is this one:
I have placed a grid of point intersecting a surface . (But I don’t know why the intersection doesn’t work :frowning: )
And now I need to change the vector direction of the grid .
I need a grid that passes through the vector defined by the line that links the two points (the coordinates are underlined in yellow).

How can I do that?

Anybody is so kind to help me?