Place Image in Massing Environment?


I want to use dynamo for part of a bridge design. So the main spline of the bridge is in the revit main modeling environment, drawn over a placed image. I get this spline into dynamo, but apparently i need to do it in the massing environment for some things to work, such as creating a divided path or returning a family element back from dynamo to revit?

So i could model the entire bridge in the massing environment, but then i cant add the scaled reference image on top of which i draw my main spline?

Any ideas? Thanks!

Try this: Draw the spine outside of the massing environment, read it’s location via Dynamo, and save that into a Remember node, disconnect the input to the remember node and save the graph. Then close Dynamo for Revit.

Open the massing environment, launch Dynamo, and open the graph. Your spline should be there and you can use the Dynamo geometry to place reference points in the massing environment (which will drive the new spline).

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Thanks! Can you please look at the image and tell me if i am using the right functions?

Pretty close - if you’re going to use the CurveElement.Curve to drive the subsequent geometry I would put the remember node after that. Everything currently connected to the CurveElement.Curve node then connects to the Data.Remember node.

Tip: Hold down shit to drag the wires from one out port to another. If you preselected the nodes it will only move those wires.

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Thanks! Worked well, only one more problem:

I get objects into Revit, but they get scaled. Seems like Dynamo is in feet and inches, but my Revit is in meters and the massing environment in Millimeters.

I also could not manually scale the objects back to the right units, somehow things are all over the place?

Thanks for your help!

GeometryScale should work well enough. Just a matter of picking the right base plane to start with.