Place Elements at same location in other view


I’m trying to place some selected elements at same location in another view (sheet), and i don’t know how.

Please help.


You can use the node Viewport.Create from Rhythm.

I don’t know what kind of views you want to place but you can not place a floorplan on two different sheets.


Thanks for reply, but I don’t want to place new Views. I want to copy some elements from one sheet to another. Those are sheet headers.

I got the elements and the Points of location in the first view. Now i want to insert them in another view at the same location.

Hi @Cree-G …probably this one here could help


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Ah okay.

I guess @sovitek has the right answer for you

Thank you. It works, but i have to set the instance parameter to specific values.

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Hi @Cree-G …Yes…not sure what you mean ?

It inserts a new type, and the instance parameter are set to default.
I need to copy the elements with the correct instance parameter

think i understand…then you had to set your instance parameter again…could you share the dyn ?

I made a big mess, but it works.

Pläne Kopieren (beta 1.0).dyn (372.5 KB)

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