Place Detail Component Along Surface Edges

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I am trying to create a script that automates the placement of detail item families along the edges of a face. We do a lot of landscaping in our office and usually need to manually place brick header courses on our drawing, which takes a lot of time.
I have successfully made a script that places the detail items along face edges of straight lines and 90-degree corners, but this will not do because a lot of the geometry we create is irregular. Please see the images and dynamo file attached.
I think I would be able to figure out the script if I understood how to sort the pointed and filleted corners of the floor.
Thanks for the help in advance.

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Place Detail Component_By Point Along Horizontal Face Edges.dyn (159.3 KB)

Your Dynamo graph is illegible because of the zoom scale. Zoom in so you can read the contents of the node, and export the workspace as an image using the icon that looks like a camera just outside the right hand corner of your Dynamo workspace. It will get all nodes, even those not seen once zoomed in.

I also question why you aren’t coordinating this work in 3D; the brick header courses I know are typically better represented in elevation view. Can you give a simple “before - after” with a model view showing what you’re building?

Hi Jacob.

Thank you for the response. I did try using the camera icon, but the image was too large to upload. Please see another image attached(I reorganized the layout to reduce the image size). This script works perfectly for surfaces with 90-degree corners, as I mentioned. Note that the surfaces will always be flat on the XY plane.
Floor Edge Detail.pdf (39.7 KB)

My colleagues do not need the bricks to be 3D. They want plan representations for now. It would be easy to apply 3D objects using the script if required in future. See the before and after pdf attached. The layout on top was created using the script I attached previously. I now need to figure out how to do this for the irregular shaped floor below, which has all the corner conditions I

think the script would need to solve.
Thank you.

Is there anyway you can resend this? The names of the nodes are missing :slight_smile: