Place component by point and orientation

Hi all!
How to do for placing the generic models following the vectors?
I will not use the rotation box because it rotates the components every time that the process start.

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One of the possible way is to use “Graham Scan” method.


Thank you Kulkul,

can I use this method for my case?

I’ve a list of points and a list of vectors, I would use these things for placing the generic models.
Follow the scheme below:

The other option is use a 2 point adaptive family.

I have done this for a tunnel project where segmented rings were placed based on 2 coordinates. The start and finish coordinates were generated in Dynamo from a single list

In other words- you only need to feed in a set of coordinates- but they must be in the right sequence.
The vector/rotation is defined by start/finish points

You could combine the ‘Curve.PointsAtDistance’ method with this approach


What are you trying to place?
Can you show full screenshot of your work so far?

As soon as possible, I will upload my work.
Working, I have an other question. Once placed the families, how to do for “bake” these families?
Because if I change the code, the families follow the changes. How to disconnect the link between the families just created and dynamo code?

Thank You!