Pipe geometry distortion by MEPover start 2 end point pipe


I use pipe by startpoint endpoint, and generate some weird pipes. I took screenshot of one of those pipe below. Looking strange in Twinmotion too. Anyone knows what cause this?

It’s likely just a visual issue. Revit (and therefore Dynamo) can only draw pipe with its given cross-section. There’s no way to systematically cause any distortion like that.

What are your units and location for the pipe? Make sure you’re not outside of Revit’s allowable radius.

Thanks for your reply. The unit is meter, coordinates is a local space coordinate
eg.x=540452.044, y=376910.264.

I tested on 3 different PCs, and 2 versions of Revit 2019 and 2021. All get the same result, even hand draw pipe becomes distorted. I thought it was just graphic in revit, however rvt output FBX in Twinmotion shows the mesh was messed up.

I will test small number in coordinates and see what happens.

It is Revit 16km allowable radius issue. I guess Rhino+GH could do the job. Thanks