Pipe Fittings are missing 3D Ortho Assemblies


I’ve create with my script a 3D Ortho of my assemblies.
But I’m missing the pipe fittings.

How is this possible?


Jan Willem

Need to see the script to know.

Sheets assembly.dyn (113.3 KB)

Over here the script, I think it is a Revit issue, when I do it manualy in Revit ive the same problem

Maybe the connectors aren’t a part of the assembly then?

It is a part of it.

It is a nested family, is that the problem?

Not sure. Can you post the model? Checked and I don’t have one with assemblies (or even a simple pipe network) to play with, and Revit year may matter as well.

I’ve send you a personal message with the file.