Photometrics question

Let say i have a photo, and revit model of the place the photo was taken.
Can i create 3d geometry that would give that same view i have in the picture but adjusted to the elevation view (tilted)?
I have all xyz’s in the model.
To be more clear, i make a photo of a window thats 3 stories up. compare the elevation view with the photo and i has different dimensions due to the angle, i want to recalculate the real dimensions.
An approximation would do.

Not sure Dynamo could handle manipulating the pixels at that scale. Perhaps with some edge detection on the photos, followed by deforming the lines? Don’t know that I’ve seen a good enough series of photos without the ‘noise’ (stuff seen through the glass, stuff reflecting in the glass, stuff not masked behind tiself due to the perspective, etc.) to make that work at scale though.

This might help i guess? using computer vision to detect any changes


Similar to what I was thinking - the photo quality will mater quite a bit though.

I think you mean photogrammetry (photometrics is about lighting- lux, lumens etc)

You probably want a photogrammetry application like Recap Photo (commercial) or Meshroom (open source)

Meshroom is pretty good- but does need a lot of computing horsepower- specifically graphics card. It also has a Dynamo-esque interface with nodes that join together. The resulting mesh could be used in Dynamo with meshtoolkit.
As with any photogrammetry application- you need good photos to start off with.