Periodic run timing


I’m really having a hard time with periodic running. My script needs around 6 seconds to execute and I would like to set periodic running for 15sec.
However at the moment i select periodic it starts to run with 1 second and it just won’t stop until I crash as there is no pause to stop it. It populates my excel output with invalid values every second as the script has no time to run.

Dynamo should have start stop button for periodic running.
Dynamo should stop whenever there is an error at periodic running. I’m using a text file to count the runs and the same counter controls the get item at index. Even when the index is out of range due to running is so many times the periodic running is not stopping.

What can I do? Is there a setting to preset the periodic run?

You can set the time in the dyn using a text editor. Open the file and notepad and you should see the issue part way down. If you post the dyn I will try and grab a screenshot of where In the file you will need to edit it later today.

use freeze to control what parts of the graph will run - start and stop are good ideas though.