Performance Adviser Rules nodes

Could someone please shed some light on the built in performance adviser rules nodes in Dynamo? Specifically there’s one that checks “Too Large Family File”. Is that regarding file size? And if yes, how large is “Too Large” for this node? @Zach_Kron

Afaik, the inner workings of the rules are not documented in the Revit API documentation nor in any other publicly accessible sources. Since that is a built-in rule of Revit, you would have to ask the Revit team. Or simply run a quick test in Dynamo with a bunch of differently sized family files.


I see. So these rules are not Dynamo related? In another words, we have built in performance adviser rules in Revit which are the ones that are listed in the Performance Adviser Rules node dropdown?

Correct. They‘ve been in the Revit API since 2012, I believe.

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Thanks Andreas.

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