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Is it possible in future versions or are there plans to (or has it been done) not to have to write DSCore. for OOTB functions when using designcode…

If you want a different one (for example Miscellany) then you should have to type, Miscellany.List.Count

It’s really irritating typing DSCore. before stuff.

Also when you do type DSCore at the beginning it automatically adds, “DateTime” after you type in a point. Any plans to fix that one?


I think the datetime issue was fixed here:


Which Revit does that come with?

2021 I think… might be 2022. Make sure you are fully updated - might not be in until a patch. :slight_smile:

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Ah, must be 2022 (I already have 2021).
/me runs off to moan at work’s IT dept. :smiley:

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