PBP / SP Value via Background Open


I am trying to batch open a selection of RVTs from a folder, access the Survey Point / Project Base Point values (E/W, N/S, Elev ETC) and publish these to an excel spreadsheet.

I can get the files from the folder to publish their file path, file name to excel - but am getting no values on the Survey Point / Project Base Point coordinates?

Originally I was trying to use Categories / All Elements from Category node sequence - but I think this is selecting elements from the open file only. Are there nodes which would allow me to access this content from the background open?


Try to see this post.

Read PBP-SP from Directory of Files 0.dyn (34.1 KB)

Hi erfajo,

Please find above the current edition I am working with.
I have gotten the values to publish to excel via a current project, but cant get them to publish from the directory.

Any help would be very appreciated !

Try to see the post I mentioned in the earlier post… and then combine that with saving the output to excel. There are many examples in the forum on saving excel data. e.g. the below post.

Thanks erfajo - this works in Revit 2017!

Just wondering in 2016 I get an error at line 28?

I don’t have Revit 2016 anymore, so I can’t help you with that issue. My nodes are only tested in 2017 and 2018, and only in the +1.3.0 environment.

I will suggest that you comment the try/except out, and run the script again, then you might get a better error message.

I have tested the 2016 API, and it doesn’t look like any of the modules used in the script is at a later stage than 2016.

If 2017 is acceptable, then I will suggest that you simply drop the 2016 problems. in few month (hopefully) will we all move towards dynamo 2.0 and then we leave 2016 for good anyway.