Passthrough Node - Infinite Loop Issues with Sastrugi Pick Points Node

I am struggling understanding how I can utilize the passthrough node to control workflow in my dynamo script. See my attempts below to control work flow with the passthrough node and sastrugi node:

Attempt #1:

When the above is run, the correct order of operations occur, but I get stuck in an infinite loop in the Pick Points on Workplane node. Hitting escape (to exit the command) only yields the pop up box again. No dice, not sure what is going wrong

Attempt #2:

Remove Passthrough attachment to Pick Points on Workplane node. This does not work as the Pick Points on Workplane node begins at the start of the code

Attempt #3

Adding another passthrough node. This does not get workflow in the correct order either. This does not work as Pick Points on Workplane node begins at the start of the code.

Any idea on where I am going wrong? As an FYI, the elements going into the passthrough port are line data.


I have just tested that the node works when using v2.0 (releases for Sastrugi are still only tested forv1.3) to see if the python coding could be an issue, but am able to pick points as per the intended process of the node.
@austin.guter Can you upload your dyn?
I have a suspicion that the Transaction.Start/End nodes are intefearing with the UI.Doc selection process… :thinking:

Relate filesd are attached.
temp3a - extracting beam locations with move and delete and rotation.dyn (280.3 KB)

beam reactions.xlsx (26.3 KB)

An example of what I am shooting for is located here (rotating first, moving second now):

As an FYI, I was able to solve the infinite loop part of my problem with a few more passthrough nodes, but my Sastrugi node still prompts too early in the script.

Thanks for your help!

Well with a little tweak or two it processes as below:
temp3a - extracting beam locations with move and delete and rotation EDITED.dyn (457.4 KB)

  1. Get the data from Excel
  2. Create the lines
  3. Rotate the lines
  4. Place rotated instances of the lines at picked locations.

If this is not the workflow you are after, can you please post a step by step description to describe exactly your intended process would be?

Thank you for your help Ewan, we are getting closer, but are not in the order I would like operations to occur, see below:

Key thing here is I need to my point picking data (from Sastrugi Pick Points pop up box) off of the created model line locations. When I run the script you gave me, the Sastrugi Pick Points pop up box happens before the creation of the model line data.

This is seems to be counter intuitive to me given we have so many passthrough nodes in the dynamo graph… :thinking: not sure what the issue is.

A long video of the interaction, as you can see the pick point pop up box occurs too early (see time stamp around 55 seconds for pop up before model line geometry creation).

@Ewan_Opie, sorry to dig up a somewhat dead thread, were you able to review last (2) posts?
The passthrough node is quite mysterious to me and I cannot understand why the order of operations occur in the order that is shown in the video I posted.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

The Dynamo workflow in the Graph example I sent does use the same staged workflow, just without the intermediate steps being displayed.

To do this you will need to commit each of the model line creation transactions to Revit.




I have added some user dialogs to display when this is happening.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:
Staged Transaction Example Dynamo 2.0 Version.dyn (286.4 KB)

Thanks Ewan, this did the trick!

I appreciate all of your help, for some reason the first graph seemed to behave differently on my end.