Passing data between scripts

I have created curves in dynamo, in family creator, and I have a problem with exporting them to project. How it can be done? Or is there a way to link two dynamo scripts which work and different documents?

Hi @Przemyslaw_Krauze

Is there any reason why it can’t be created directly in project?

Yes, because I need to use nested families instancies paramaters and its points. Btw I figure out that I can pass it using static property in ZeroTouch, but I’m still curious how it could be done without C#.

You can serialize your data to a JSON file in one script and read data in the other.
I have once made a geometry generator in stand-alone python that was exchanging data with Dynamo via json file in almost real-time. Dynamo has been set to automatic mode and was re-reading the file whenever modified.


I have celebrate to early, it looks that passing in static parameter works only for string, double etc. When I try to do the same for dynamo objects its passing null.

In the screenshot you can see that It reads the list correctly (there was 24 elements passed) but not the PolyCurves.