Pass something through if nothing was selected

Hi, I have a sheet/view duplicate script with a user input template option. However if someone dosnt select a template the script will not complete. Anyone know how to pass the information around the node if nothing is selected? Hope this makes sense. Thanks for any help.

The first watch is no template selected… Like an If null pass this way, if value go the other

I do not have time to dive in right now but you can check out this post I created a while back. It will at least give you a good starting point.

Use a Filter By Boolean Mask and the IsNull nodes. You can feed the “OUT” to the Set View Template, and the “IN” around it.

Hi Sean,

The “around” part I’m stuck. Sort of just stuck here too… Not sure if I’m doing it right. Im confused haha

I think you got it. No need to pass the elements through the View Template node. You may also want to consider a “default” template if that’s feasible so it can pass if they don’t pick one. Another option would be to use an If node to stop the whole thing and force them to pick one and run again.

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Thanks man, after a bit of gym it all became so simple haha. Didnt have to pass or go around… just stop the graph at view template separately haha. If that goes null, no problemo