Parking spots

Hi there,
I’m trying to make a script in order to place parking spots between columns and I think I’m very close, but somehow I can’t get past this error:

The thing is geometry.translate’s geometry and direction are correct. In order to get the distance, I used a Sequence, and as far as I’m concerned both inputs ‘amount’ and ‘step’ are correct. However I don’t really know what to make as an input for ‘start’. What I need is the start to be the point where the other face of the column starts. I made a script to get that coordinate for each column, but I don’t really know how to connect it, since the ‘start’ input requires a number.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much

Would it help to extract the x or y depending on which way the parks are going and sequence that value?

Yeah looks like you’re giving the sequence an incorrect input for the start. it wants an integer or a floating point number, you’ve given it a point.

That was a great idea. However, I tried to do it and still no result… the Sequence is somehow correct, but not the geometry.translate , as Xs are displaced the first number (-12.769…). I also tried geometry.translate ing the geometry that distance (+12.769…) but it doesn’t work either…


Any other ideas?

What is the list structure of Geometry and Direction? Can you show us this please?

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Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been pretty busy lately

The geometry is the point where the family instances will be located and the direction is the vector to where I want the points to move to.

Anyways, I could manage to do it by playing with the levels. Thanks!