Parametric voids


We are trying to work with a parametric model made of solids and voids, but we are having trouble working parametric with voids.

When placing the solids before creating the voids, everything is fine, but if i create the voids first and then move the geometry, the voids doesn't update (see attached pictures).

Is there a way to make the voids parametric so we can be able to move the geometry and constantly make the voids cut all the geometry?



I have creates a couple of boxes and I use some to subtract / cut them from the others. After I creat the solid I turn their “state” into void. How can I revers this? After I change it to void there is no option to turn it back into solid.

Thanks for your help.

If, when the void is created, it touches a solid, it will automatically cut the solid. If it misses (or a solid isn't there) you have to use Cut Geometry to get it to work. That's just the way it is.

So if i understand what you are saying, i still need to cut geometry after placing all the solids and voids?

It's not that it is a problem for me to place first and then create voids, or use cut geometry, i was just trying to figure out if there was a way for me to do all at once and then place them without need to do anything after.

Yes, for the voids created first, you will need to Cut Geometry via the command on the Modify tab.

One question. Are you using the Cut Geometry tool for those times you place the voids first?