Parameters storage type is not a string

I have just started experiencing this issue with both Scope box parameters and Phasing parameters. I am pulling the parameter value with the getparameterbyname and trying to set it with setparameterbyname, however I get a “parameter storage type is not a string” when I try and set it. I queried the parameter type and it returned string.

Both of those parameters use the element Id, not the element name. You should be able to search the forums and find examples on how to apply a scope box to a view.

So, I was mistakenly under the impression that getparametervalue would pull the needed value to also set the parameter. the fact that parameterstoragetype returned a string type supported that. However as Nick_Boyts pointed out, this is not the case.

It does. That’s actually the best way to double-check that you’re using the correct object type. You’re not getting the Scope Box value from your View though.

ARGH! You are absolutely right. I think that what compounded my confusion was (as you can see in the initial screenshot) when I tried to query the parameter storage type of the scope box I confused the output of the node (likely ‘elementid’) with the output type (‘string’) which contradicted the error message from ‘Element.SetParameterByName’ which said that the storage type was not a string…

Thanks again