Parameter Value hook

hi evryone,
how to take the value of the hook?
becouse i tried with node “parameter value” but it return me the name of family, i attach the screen of the script.

thanks you so much

What kind of value Type or Instance?

it is an istance parameter

What type of parameter is it? I’m guessing the parameter value is an element.

Hi @Straccia_lenzuola,

The value of the parameter “Hook At Start” or “Hook At End” you are trying to get is an Element Type (FamilyType if you will). From this Element Type you can get more parameter values if you know the Name of the value you are trying to get. See below example…

In my example I am getting the Hook at Start (which gives me an Element Type), then from this Element Type I am getting the Parameter values by name again that belong to that Hook Type.

Note: I am using one of my own nodes called Internal Definition which you won’t find (although I’m sure someone else has made one). However, you don’t need this, it is only there to illustrate getting all the parameter values by Name.

Also, try and avoid using Parameter.ParameterByName and instead use Element.GetParameterValueByName. This will return only the value.

Your original post is a little ambiguous, so I hope this helps.


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thansk a lot, this is a valid solution @Daniel_Woodcock1
for the next script i will use it.
because yesterday I had little time to resolve the request, so I proceeded like this way, i get the value of parameter then i transform the object to string then clear the string with node string remove then sended it on excel sheet. i attach the screen of script