Parameter Properties Dialog Box


Is there a dynamo package that emulates this dialog box? Especially the shared parameter option



Look at the Orchid Package
It has a bit of an unusual way of installing.






Unusual way!?

Well Lunchbox does it the same way… namely installing using an executable installer, why is that unusual?

We are some who has to solve the issues not handled by the dynamo team. My primary problem is that the Package Manager do not handle parallel versions and many other issues, and for Lunchbox is it the size of the package.



A Package called Orchid2.x would make perfect sense to me.

I dont have the option to install your package since its an exe file (blocked by IT), i used the zip instead, but its different from other packages, so yes its unusual.



I will not return using the Package Manager before it can handle external repositories (like Github) as the source for packages, and it can handle parallels for different Dynamo versions.
I have automized all processes for keeping my repository up to date. That’s why the PM must be able to fetch whatever is needed automatically from repositories.

Besides is it too cumbersome to handle my package manually as would be the case if I used the PM. My package holds now far beyond 100 nodes in 5 assemblies in each parallel (two versions). On top of this, I also handle 5 beta assemblies and 4 alpha assemblies (in two versions). The beta builds are also available for all users to test.

My work has simply grown away from the Package Manager as it is the case for Lunchbox. I would imagine that other authors for large packages use some time in keeping their package up to date at the PM.

I have to say that over the last couple of years have I moved from an advanced user to a programmer and author of a serious amount of code using working methods as programmers would use. The PM does not apply to this and I can’t see why I should use time on the PM when it seems like time waste for me to do.


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