Parameter Display Change

I’m jumping back into Dynamo after several months and am using version I’m working on a script to filter out sheets, but I’m seeing that when I collect any data from a parameter I see extra information that did not used to be part of the output in earlier versions. For instance, I’m trying to get the “Appears In Sheet List” parameter data from sheets, but the output is now a string that says, “Appears In Sheet List : Yes” instead of a simple boolean true or false. This is the same for any parameter! Now a bunch of extra work is required to clear the parameter name information from the parameter data. What happened? Was this intentional? This extra info creates a hot mess that looks like a mistake. Thanks.

What output do you get when you use an Parameter.Value node after the “Parameter.ParameterByName” node?

You should use Parameter.Value by Name Node. Not Parameter.ParameerbyName


Element.GetParameterValueByName is the route I would take.

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