Paramaters editable only by Dynamo

Hi everyone,

I want ask you guys if it is possible to create parameter for family which will be able to edit only by Dynamo or even the value of this parameter will written independently without my action. To be more precise I want to create 2 parameters for rebars: 1. Start Hook Type 2. End Hook Type to describe type of hooks according to ISO 3766. I am able to create Dynamo script to write correct value in parameter but I want also make them non editable (such as parameters which are grey provided by Sofistik Reinforcement Detailing add-in, shown on image below) to avoid accidental override by any user.

Second question is is there a possibility to make such a parameter full automatic fill without running any Dynamo script. Any sugestion how to workaround manual running scripts?
Thanks in advance

Those Parameters are only read-only because they are being driven by calculation in the family. Dynamo is not able to do anything you can do in some way within Revit manually.

There are ways to fully automate tasks, but not completely through Dynamo. You would need a custom add-in or software to achieve this completely hands off. Dynamo can be ran through the Dynamo player to help users run graphs.

Not sure, but the ‘user modifiable’ property of a new parameter would allow API only access of parameter modification, the question is if Dynamo would count as an API method OOTB or if you’d have to make a node to modify as well once it’s created.

This is one way which add-ins can drive parameter values can be set via the API without associating a formula to them.

I’m not sure if this is doable via Dynamo, but it’d be worth a test anyway. :slight_smile:

If I get it right, I can create a parameter which is notUserModifiable, and I can change its value any time I want, and all of that can be done only using Revit.API, am I right?

Because I’m not familiar with revit api, would you like to recommend any source of information, some basics staff about API?


The Revit SDK is a good place to start. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for help, I know now that I should start learing API in nearest time. Thank you all