Package Search Help: Ref Planes (Revit)

<span style=“color: #292f33;”>Hi Folks,</span>

I’ve tried (and failed) to search the package manager for any kind of custom nodes that would allow me to Delete / Filter / Hide Revit Ref Planes which haven’t been named / are unused (no host) / grouped / saved selection set?

Just a general query but will be useful to Auto Hide certain ref planes in certain views, or delete unnamed ref planes in projects.

Thanks in advanced!

Aaron has a node for that, install that one from the package manager and it appears under the group “Grimshaw”.

you may want to disable run automatically first.


Wow! Thanks for spreading the archi-lab gospel. Much appreciated.

I’m a believer man! Lol

Awesome! Thanks gents.



Shame the package manager isn’t easier to search, It would be great if we could search terms in nodes within package contents!

No problem. We are able to add keywords, but that list can get pretty long. If you are fairly new to Dynamo here’s a list of packages that are good to have:

Good post of resources also :

Archi-Lab : Konrad K. Sobon’s (its the one we mentioned here of course!)

Clockwork : Andreas Dieckmann’s download of over 350 custom nodes

Ampersand : from Colin McCrone, one of the Dynamo team developers.

Bakery : WhatRevitWants author’s package with some pretty cool stuff. (Lot’s of dependencies on other packages though)

Rhythm : This one is mine and I have a lot of simple solution stuff in there as well. A lot of mine stray away from Python and use stock nodes.

Always feel free to ask for anything and have fun!