Package Load Failed - Filepath too long

Hey all,

One of the users in my company are having some issues loading some packages. Currently we have our shared packages in a linked drive, but unfortunately the local path to this is quite long due to reasons out of my control and we are getting the following error when loading packages…

We have enabled Windows Long Paths which I thought would solve the issue, but Dynamo disagrees and we still get the error. Has anyone found a solution to this that isn’t the following:-

  • Move content closer to root directory (Can be done but a little painful as we will need to restructure - most likely what we will need to do though)
  • Download that package to user machine (not really an option as it defeats purpose of shared drive).

Any alternative ideas would be welcome.


@Daniel_Woodcock1 ,

Seems to be it is nested into too many folders ?

I had the issues one day with .jpgs so windows was unable to find them any more…



Yeah, that’s my understanding too. It’s only the IronPython package that has this issue and due to the fact it has many subfolders that add to the already long root path.