Package Case Study – Mesh Toolkit (Error)

Hi i am DYN newbie :nauseated_face:,
I tried the Package Case study-Mesh Toolkit from the Dynamo Primer Website, some errors come out with the 3D view. It looks like the error starts from “Polycurve.curve” or “Mesh Intersect” . The 3D view showed only 1 plane cutting the rabbit. In the example there shall be 25 cutting plane as set.

Anyone know how to fix?
Attach the .dyn here.

Hi @chiusamuel ,

Have you tried changing setting your list lacing to longest? How are your lists build up?

Hey thanks! After i tried changing the lacing, the others spine came out.

But still i didn’t get a square option in the lacing menu, how do you get that?

this → image

I have never seen that, i think that is from an old version of Dynamo.

Hello @chiusamuel - This is from an older version of Dynamo and was simply the way to see the Preview Bubble in the past :slight_smile:


I didnt know that either! Good change to change it to a color change :slight_smile: