Override Graphics in View Limiting Factor

I’ve got a graph that overrides the graphics of all view specific elements to highlight was is model vs what has been drafted. In a test set I’ve got over 45k elements spread over 640 views. Only way I can even hope to get all of these changes is to break the work up into smaller chunks.

In terms of how long it takes to make these changes, I would assume it’s strictly about the number of elements being changed and not how many views they’re on… or is it the other way? Should I limit the number of views in each run or the number of elements in each run?

Why not test view by view? In doing all views you are certainly putting work in where it need not be (ie: attempting to override the unseen floor from the level above), and likely highlighting stuff repeatedly.

Another way to go would be to test model against drafted globally, setting a parameter value, and then use that to drive The graphics via a view filter. Bonus points as the ‘changes’ can then be resolved by altering the parameter value as a means of doing the QC effort.

I’m going view-by-view now but there are a lot of views and a lot of elements for it to churn through.

I have three of these graphs – one checks dimensions and drops the actual dimension over anything that’s rounded or overridden, one turns on all elements hidden in view, and the last (this one) finds all elements that aren’t tied to the model (i.e., drafted) – turns them all red and gives them a transparency where appropriate.

Why not just once in a 3D view then?

Also how are you doing the element comparisons? Model element against all drafted content, or is there a spatial or logical 1:1 comparison?

just looking for 2D work right now

as an example — without getting into the model it’s not obvious from the drawings that these rails are drafted rather than modeled

right now i have it as a user defined number of minimum elements to change per run – it ups the number to get everything in however many views those first n elements reside in – gonna have to run it quite few times until we start making better models! lol

My first idea would be to group elements under multiple transactions

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So you just want to see what is line work and detail items rather than a model element?

Why not set a template to make the line work and detail items to be bright red?