Override elements by Workset in all views and sheets by single click

Hi All,

I am trying to Override some elements ( same Workset ) by workset in all views including sheets by single click. I have tried the below script . what should be the Node at the marked area that elements can be segregate ? or Any other suggestion ?

Attached is the snap of my script.

Any help and suggestion would be much appreciated .

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Thank you

I think you’d be better off creating a filter and applying it to all views/view templates. That way you don’t have to constantly run the script to update.

Hi Nick,

Thank you for your Suggestion.

Filter is the way usually we do . But we need add the Filter in View template . If we use several filters in the project and need to override some elements in all views that means I need to add the filter in Every View template. My try was to do that by single click .

Any thoughts ?

I’m saying use Dynamo to do the work for you. There are plenty of posts on the forum that deal with creating filters and assigning them to view templates. Check them out and give it a try.

in my case I am not using view template for all views and sheets . So my try was override elements by single click ( Not considering the view template ) by filter and work set for all views and sheets (even in 3D) . From Which topic I can get reference ?

What do you mean by “single click”? Assuming you don’t have any user inputs your script will always be a single click. You just have to get the graph to do what you want it to do. You can just as easily assign the filter to views as you can worksets so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Thank you Nick.

If you see my script . If the Element. Override.view node can get elements ( Filtered by Workset ) the script will work . so if the Script will run successfully the elements ( Filter by workset ‘‘xxxx’’ ) will be halftone colour in all views ( including 3D) and and sheets.

That was my try . Hope you get my point.

I understand. My point is only that this is a one time solution. New views and new elements will need to be run again. Whereas a filter would have to be added for new views (without a template) but would work for all elements in the workset all the time.

If you want to override elements in all views you need to get all the elements from the workset. WorsketVisibility just sets whether that workset is visible in that view or not.

Thank you nick .

yes I understand that my try is one time solutions. In my case the project is almost finished . Now we have received file ( 3d cad) that’s need to shown in all corresponding views as halftone colour. some of sheets has template and some of not ( due to some specific reason) . so I was trying to do that using Dynamo .