Output polyline object data to points within polygon

I have a bunch of awkwardly shaped, closed polylines which I have brought in via shapefile and embedded the attributes as object data (No problems there)

I then have a C3D alignment broken into 50m intervals and point coordinates listed at each interval.

I am now trying to get the polyline object data of the particular polygon which the point is in, and then tabulate and export to excel.

I was initially using the polygon.containment node, but swopped out for the geometery.doesIntersect and is much more efficient!

I have performed the intersection without a problem, I am now struggling to get the polyline Object data to match the index position of the point. (i.e if point 1 is in polyline2, point 2 in polyline 3, I would like to output the list {2, 3})

I have attempted using IF node but because i cant lace it, at best I get an indexed list from polyline 1, followed by another list of polyline 2 - the 0’s if not in a list are also important.

Also looked at List.FilterByBoolMask but I am not managing to keep the indixes correct