Output blank instead of question mark in Revit

Hey everyone,
I was wondering if it is possible to assign a blank value to a text family in Revit without it transforming into a question mark.

Can you show or tell a bit more of what you mean by text family, is it a Tag?
You also need to show us what you have tried in Dynamo

Tekst center.rfa (380 KB)
I tried the blank method you normally use in excel. If you want a blank cell then output is “”.
In the image the bottom part is where i create the if statement and if that is true then output “blank”.

Also attached is the generic annotation family. It isn’t the prettiest thing but it works.

You’ll have to use the blank character from the Character Map. An empty string will not work.

I’ve figured it out. In the family parameters I created a yes/no parameter. This parameter is linked to visibility parameter of the annotation family with the text. The formula I used for the yes/no parameter is =not(“used parameter”=0)

Can you explain this further or provide a screenshot? I can’t make it work.